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Detailed Description



Lagrangian Particle-Tracking Air Dispersion Model


AUSTAL View is an ergonomical and intuitive user interface for the official German Federal Environmental Agency air dispersion model. AUSTAL View uses a Lagrangian particle tracking air dispersion model that contains its own prognostic wind field model. Thus, the model takes into account the influence of topography on the wind field and therefore on the dispersion of pollutants.

AUSTAL View uses a Lagrangian particle tracking air dispersion model that contains its own diagnostic wind field model. Thus, the model takes into account the influence of topography on the wind field and therefore on the dispersion of pollutants.

Model Inputs

  • Interactive graphical input of sources and receptor grids
  • True 3D visualization
  • Emission time series generator
  • Effective control of time dependent parameters
  • Checks for project completeness before run
  • Superposition of background concentration
  • 100% support for AUSTAL2000 features

Graphical Output

  • Display model results as shaded cells or contours
  • Customize contours and shaded cells - levels, color shading, transparency, contour labels, fonts and more.
  • Choose from multiple levels of transparency
  • Customize terrain contouring
  • Posting of numerical cell values
  • Plots of concentration time series

Meteorological Tools

  • Carry out a variety of analyses on
    meteorological data.
  • Windroses
  • Frequency tables
  • Wind class frequency graph
  • Dispersion class frequency graph

A small sampling of the features you will find in the powerful AUSTAL View include:

  • 3D Visualization 
  • Integrated Contouring
  • Seamless Graphical and/or Text Project Creation
  • Support For a Variety of Site Map File Types

TRUE 3D Visualization

AUSTAL View features powerful 3D visualization tools.  Unlike other software that requires you to purchase yet another software package just so you can view plain, static 3D plots, AUSTAL View provides powerful, dynamic 3D tools built right into its interface.

Giving you total control, you can zoom in and rotate your site and modeling results in true 3-Dimensional space.  This allows you to view your model from any perspective and further investigate what is influencing your model results!

  • Complete 3D Visualization - View your site and surrounding terrain in true 3D! Site buildings and stacks appear in context with your site terrain.
  • Custom Textures - Apply custom textures to buildings to further increase building realism - say goodbye to bland polygons!
  • Multi-layer Visualization - View multiple layers with ease using our powerful 3D engine.  Display your 3D site in conjunction with your 2D data!
  • Realistic Views - Clear, realistic communication is a necessity and your model should make an impression.  Real-time lighting effects, true-color shading and textures bring your site to life like no other package can!
  • Concentration Contours - Understand the effects of topography by displaying your modeled concentrations with your 3D model!  Make your final report clear and concise by visualizing all your data.

Integrated Contouring

Advanced contouring tools are part of the AUSTAL View package.  There is no need to purchase an additional software package to produce professional, customized contoured results of your modeling.  Below are just a a few of the features you will find in the integrated contouring tools.

  • Complete Control Over Contours - Specify contour levels, color shading, transparency, contour labels, fonts, and more!  Includes options to export contour data to other packages if desired.
  • Extensive Site Map Support - Import a site map from a variety of file formats to aid in digitizing your site, or for final report visualization.  Supported formats include bitmap (BMP), AutoCAD DXF, USGS Land Use/Land Cover (LULC), USGS Digital Line Graph (DLG) and more!
  • Overlay Control - Your output should appear the way you want it.  With the ability to simultaneously display site maps, contours, buildings, receptor locations, sources and more, Overlay Control allows you to display these layers in the order you need.  Just click and drag them to make your visualization shine.
  • Annotation - Many annotation tools are present to help you communicate your results even better!  Place descriptive text or labels, arrows, and other markers anywhere you need.
  • 3D Visualization - You can view your contoured results in combination with the terrain of your modeling site.  Investigate and demonstrate the effects the surrounding terrain has on your modeling results.

    3D Terrain Visualization with Concentration Isopleths

Customizable views are easy!  The above view shows concentrations as computed by AUSTAL2000 overlaid on the site terrain.  Clearly communicate the effects of site topography on results to clients

View the results from any perspective!  This is the same project as the previous image displayed from at a closer rotated view.

  • Supporting Utilities - In addition to contouring you can further manipulate your project results.  Convert to a custom averaging time (ideal for odor modeling), scale the concentration and change the units of the concentration results.

Seamless Graphical and/or Text Project Creation

AUSTAL View features graphical tools allowing you to rapidly create your model while generating dynamic visualization at the same time.  All project objects (i.e. receptors, sources, etc.) can also be defined in text mode, which is a spreadsheet environment.  

Furthermore, after defining an object graphically you automatically have access to the related text mode window in which you can tweak or modify what you have defined graphically.

Graphical tools exist for many modeling objects including the above Nested Receptor Grid, as well as sources and other receptor types.  An abundance of tools make your modeling easier than ever!

Graphical creation still lets you have control over all the fine details - at anytime!

Extensive Map Support

Visualizing your site in AUSTAL View is easy.  Our full-featured support for a variety of image and map formats allow you to design your model with confidence and view your results in context with your site. Supported site maps include:

  • Bitmap Support - Even though bitmaps do not contain any spatial information, our bitmap import utility allows to quickly use any bitmap image.  Simply specify the coordinates of 2 known locations on the bitmap and the software does the rest.  Make use of aerial photos or scanned images!
    Click Here For Screenshot

Import any bitmap from scanned images to satellite imagery!

  • USGS DLG & LULC  - Freely available on the Internet, these popular digital formats provide you with land use/land cover data (LULC) as well as roads, hypsography, hydrography and more.
  • AutoCAD DXF - Many sites contain detailed maps in AutoCAD format. Easily import these into AUSTAL View.
  • 3D Support - Any site maps you import can automatically be displayed in conjunction with a 3D view of the site terrain.  Site maps take on new meaning when viewed in context with the surrounding terrain!
  • Layer Control - Your site maps are treated as individual layers.  This means you have control over how you want them displayed in relation to other modeling objects.  Do you want it to appears under the contours?  Just click and drag!

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