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MODFLOWwin32, as its name implies, is a 32-bit program designed to address all the memory available to Windows.  MODFLOWwin32 has all the features of other MODFLOW versions including the newest packages added over the years since MODFLOW's original release by the USGS. These new packages include the Stream Routing Package, Aquifer Compaction Package, Horizontal Flow Barrier Package, BCF2 and BCF3 Packages, and the new PCG2 solver. In addition, MODFLOWwin32 will create files for use with MODPATH (particle-tracking model for MODFLOW) and MT3D (solute transport model).  

MODFLOWwin32 is not offered as a separate product, but is included as the main MODLFOW engine in Groundwater Vistas. Groundwater Vistas is a complete modeling environment for pre- and post- processing of MODFLOW and includes MODFLOWwin32.

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