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Hydrogeochem 1 & 2
Hydrogeochem 1 & 2
Detailed Description

Hydrologic Transport and Mixed Geochemical Kinetic/Equilibrium Model

HYDROGEOCHEM 1 is a coupled model of hydrologic transport and geochemical reaction in saturated-unsaturated media. It is designed to simulate transient and/or steady-state transport of Na, aqueous components and transient and/or steady-state mass balance of Ns adsorbent components and ion-exchange sites. Along the transport path, HYDROGEOCHEM computes the species distribution of N component species, Mx complexed species, My adsorbed species. Mz ion-exchanged species, and Mp potentially precipitated species. HYDROGEOCHEM is the only commercially-available model for the simulation of reactive multispecies-multicomponent chemical transport through saturated-unsaturated media. It is not a path model; it is a true transport model coupled with homogeneous and heterogeneous geochemical reactions.

HYDROGEOCHEM 2 is a modification of HYDROGEOCHEM which was designed to solve coupled hydrologic transport and geochemical equilibrium problems. The modification includes replacement of the EQMOD chemical equilibrium subroutines by a mixed chemical Kinetic and Equilibrium Model (KEMOD) to deal with species whose concentrations are controlled by either thermodynamics or kinetics. HYDROGEOCHEM2 is a coupled model of hydrologic transport and geochemical reaction in saturated-unsaturated media. HYDROGEOCHEM 2 comprises two basic modules: the transport module and the geochemical reaction module. The transport module is designed to simulate: (1) transient and/or steady-state transport of N saqueous components, (2) transient and/or steady-state mass balance of N sadsorbent components and NSITE ion-exchange sites. The geochemical reaction module is designed to compute the species distribution of N = (Na+ Ns) component species, Mx-Kx equilibrium-controlled complexed species, (My Ky) equilibrium-controlled adsorbed species, Ky kinetic-controlled adsorbed species, (Mz Kz) equilibrium-controlled ion-exchanged species, Kz kinetic-controlled ion exchanged species, (Mp Kp) equilibrium-controlled potentially precipitated species, and Kp kinetic controlled precipitated species. The transport module includes advection, dispersion/diffusion, and slight deformation.

Information on HYDROGEOCHEM 4 & 5 may be found here.

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