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MOC simulates 2-D solute transport in flowing ground water. MOC is both general and flexible in that it can be applied to a wide range of problem types. MOC is applicable for one- or two-dimensional problems involving steady-state or transient flow. MOC computes changes in concentration over time caused by the processes of convective transport, hydrodynamic dispersion, and mixing (or dilution) from fluid sources. MOC assumes that gradients of fluid density, viscosity and temperature do not affect the velocity distribution. However, the aquifer may be heterogeneous and/or anisotropic. MOC is based on a rectangular, block-centered, finite-difference grid. It allows the specification of injection or withdrawal wells and of spatially-varying diffuse recharge or discharge, saturated thickness, transmissivity, boundary conditions and initial heads and concentrations. MOC incorporates first-order irreversible rate-reaction; reversible equilibrium controlled sorption with linear, Freundlich, or Langmuir isotherms; and reversible equilibrium-controlled ion exchange for monovalent or divalent ions.

This model is public domain and can be downloaded for FREE using the link below.

MOC is DOS program. Please see MT3D99 or our other simple flow and transport software updated Windows-based geostatistical software. 

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