SSG’s products are used extensively throughout the world on six continents and in more than 100 countries providing users with highly-efficient tools and the ease of use and flexibility demanded by today’s professionals. Products are chosen based on their usefulness to a specific environmental discipline. This broad range of first-class scientific and engineering software provides versatility while improving profitability.

“Product Names” is an alphabetical listing by name.

“Product Categories” is a list of products in more than 50 categories. You can also search for a specific product below.

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3D Master - 3D Visualization and Animation for any MODFLOW Model

3DFATMIC - 3-D Subsurface Flow and Fate and Transport of Microbes and Chemicals Model

3DFEMFAT - 3-D Finite-Element Model of Flow and Transport through Saturated-Unsaturated Media

ADEPT - A Program for Aquifer Data Evaluation

AIRFLOW/SVE - Three-Phase Multicomponent Soil Vapor Extraction Model

AQUA3D - 3-D Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Model

AquaChem - Aqueous Geochemical Analysis, Plotting and Modeling

AquaDyn - Hydrodynamic Simulation Package for Open Channels - Rivers, Lakes, and Estuaries

AQUASEA - Tidal Flow in Estuaries and Coastal Areas, Lake Circulation, Transport Modeling

AquiferTest for Windows - Pumping Test and Slug Test Analysis for Windows

Aquifer Test Toolbox - Excel Workbooks for Aquifer Test Data

AquiferWin32 - Pump Test and Slug Test Analysis Software

AQUIPACK - Aquifer Properties and Contaminant Transport Analysis

Argus ONE - Preprocessor and Postprocessor for Any Model

AT123D - Analytical Groundwater Transport Model for Long-Term Pollutant Fate and Migration

BALANCE - Mass Transfer for Geochemical Reactions Model

BillPro - Time and Materials Billing Program for Environmental Professionals

BIOF&T 2-D/3-D - Biodegradation, Flow and Transport in the Saturated/Unsaturated Zones

BIO1d - BIO1D is a one-dimensional modeling code which simulates biodegradation and sorption in contaminant transport

BIOPLUME III - Transport of Dissolved Hydrocarbons Under the Influence of Oxygen-Limited Biodegradation

BIOSLURP - Multiphase Hydrocarbon Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (Bioslurping) and Transport

BioSVE - Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Vacuum Enhanced Recovery with Bioventing

BioTrends - Evaluation of Natural Attenuation Trends

CALRoads - Highway and Traffic Air Dispersion Model

Chemflo - Simulates Water and Chemical Movement in Unsaturated Soils

ChemFlux - Finite Element Mass Transport Model

ChemGraph - Groundwater Database Software

ChemPoint - RCRA and CERCLA Ground-Water Analysis Database for Windows

ChemStat - RCRA Subtitle C and D Statistical Analysis Software

Didger - Digitizing in 32-Bit Windows

DRILL GUIDE - Site Investigation and Assessment

EndNote - Reference Database and Bibliography Maker

Enviro Data - Relational Management of Site Data

EnviroScape - Environmental Education Table Top Models

Enviro Spase - Visual Site Data Management and Mapping

EQuIS Geology - Geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical data management system

EVS EVS unites state-of-the art analysis and visualization tools into extremely powerful software systems developed to meet the needs of geologists, geochemists, environmental or mining engineers, oceanographers, archaeologists and modelers

FEFLOW - Finite Element Subsurface Flow System

Filter Drain - Design of Side Drains, Bottom Drains, and Underdrains

FLONET/TRANS - FLONET/TRANS is the fastest and easiest software package for 2-D cross-sectional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling.

FLOWPATH II - 2-D Groundwater Flow, Remediation, and Wellhead Protection Model

GALENA - Slope Stability Analysis Software Designed to Solve Geotechnical Problems Quickly and Accurately

GEOPACK - Geostatistical Software for Conducting Analysis of the Spatial Variability of One or More Random Functions

GFLOW 2000 - Analytic Element Model with Conjunctive Surface Water and Groundwater Flow and a MODFLOW Model Extract Feature

gINT - Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software - Borehole Logging, Cross Section and Fence Diagram Plotting, and Geotechnical Testing.

GMS - Groundwater Modeling System - Sophisticated Groundwater Modeling Environment for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, RT3D, FEMWATER, SEAM3D, SEEP2D, PEST, UTCHEM, and UCODE

GRAPHER - A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Graphics Package for Scientists

Groundwater Data Utilities - Groundwater Model Data Preparation, Translation and Formatting

Groundwater Vistas - Advanced Model Design and Analysis for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, RT3D,  PEST and UCODE

GWN-COGO - A Flexible Coordinate Geometry Package

GWN-DTM - A Sophisticated Digital Terrain Modeling Package

GWN-STORM - An Efficient Storm Sewer Package

GWN-SURF - A Powerful Surface Modeler

HELP - Complete Modeling Environment for the U.S. EPA HELP Model for Evaluating and Optimizing Landfill Designs

HSPF - Simulation of Watershed Hydrology and Water Quality for Conventional and Toxic Organic Pollutants

HSSM - Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model

HST3D - 3-D Heat and Solute Transport Model

HYDRA - Hydraulic Analysis and Design Software for Storm and Sanitary Sewers

HYDROGEOCHEM - Hydrologic Transport and Geochemical Reactions Model

HYDROGEOCHEM 2 - Hydrologic Transport and Mixed Geochemical Kinetic/Equilibrium Reactions in Saturated-Unsaturated Media Model

Infinite Extent - Pump Test Analysis Software for Windows

Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics - Electronic Book Version of “Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics - A Programmed Text for Self Instruction”

ISC-AERMOD View - Complete Modeling Environment for the U.S. EPA ISCST3 Air Quality Model

Lahey Fortran Compilers - Lahey Fortran LF95 Compiler

MARS 2-D/3-D - Ground-Water Multiphase Areal Remediation Simulation Model

MapViewer - MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to produce publication-quality thematic maps easily.

NPDES - The eFieldSystems Erosion & Sedimentation Inspector provides a complete and comprehensive solution for managing an entire development and construction site inspection program.

MicroFEM - Finite-Element Program for Multiple-Aquifer Steady-State and Transient Groundwater Flow Modeling

MidTex DLG Reader - Create Custom Basemaps from DLG's

MIDUSS - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Simulation and Design

MIGRATEv9 - Model for Landfills, Buried Waste Deposits, Spills and Disposal Ponds

MINTEQA2 for Windows - Geochemical Equilibrium Speciation Model

MLAEM/SLAEM - Analytic Element Models - Model Regional Groundwater Flow in Systems of Confined Aquifers, Unconfined Aquifers and Leaky Aquifers

MOC - Computer Model of 2-D Solute Transport and Dispersion in Ground Water

MOCDENSE - Two-Constituent Solute Transport Model for Ground Water Having Variable Density

MODAIR - Simulates Air Flow Using MODFLOW

MODFLOW - Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model

MODFLOW-SURFACT - MODFLOW-Based Ground-Water Flow and Contaminant Transport Model

MODFLOWT - An Enhanced Version of MODFLOW for Simulating 3-D Contaminant Transport

MODFLOWwin32 - MODFLOW for Windows

MODPATH - 3-D Particle Tracking Program for MODFLOW

MODPUMP - MODFLOW-Simulated Pumping Test Model

MODRET - Infiltration from Stormwater Retention Ponds Using MODFLOW

MOFAT for Windows - Multiphase (Water, Oil, Gas) Flow and Multicomponent Transport Model

MohrView - Mohr-Coulomb Failure Analysis - Produce Mohr Circles and Coulomb Failure Envelopes

MOVER - Multiphase Areal Flow with Vacuum Enhanced Recovery

MS-VMS - MODFLOW-Based Visual Modeling System with Comprehensive Flow and Transport Capability

MT3D99 - A Modular 3D Solute Transport Model

MULTIMED - Multimedia Exposure Assessment Model

NPDES Inspector - Erosion & Sedimentation Inspector provides a solution for managing an entire development and construction site inspection program.

OILVOL - Estimate Free Hydrocarbon Volume in a Soil

P3DAIR - Simulates Air Flow Using MODFLOW

PEST - Parameter Estimation for Any Model

PESTAN - Pesticide Transport Model

PHREEQE - Models Geochemical Reactions

PLOTCHEM - Water-Quality Data Plotting Program

PMWIN - Processing MODFLOW - Graphical Interface for MODFLOW, MODPATH, PMPATH, MT3D, PEST, and UCODE

Pocket WinLoG - Collect Your Borehole Log Data With A Pocket PC

POLLUTE - Finite-Layer Contaminant Migration Model - Landfill Design

PRINCE - 7 Mass Transport and 3 Flow Models

PRZM3 - Pesticide Transport Model - Exposure Assessments

QHM - Continuous Watershed Modeling - Storm Management System

QUAL2EU - Enhanced Stream Water Quality Model with Uncertainty Analysis

QuickLog, QuickCross/Fence, QuickGIS, QuickSoil - Boring Logs, Soil Analysis Table, Fence Diagrams, and Well Lithology Software

RBCA Tier 2 Analyzer - 2D Groundwater Flow and Biodegradation Model

RECESS - Recession of Ground-Water Discharge and Estimating Mean Ground-Water Recharge and Discharge from Streamflow Records

Remediation ToolKit - Evaluate and Visualize Monitored Natural Attenuation Data

RETC - Analyzes Soil Water Retention and Hydraulic Conductivity Functions of Unsaturated Soils

RINVERT - Resistivity Modeling Package for Windows

RISC Workbench - US EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (US EPA, 1989), model to calculate exposure assessment, toxicity assessment and risk assessment

RITZ - Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone Model

RiverMorph - Stream Restoration Software for Channel Assessment and Natural Channel Design.

RMP View - Risk Management Plan to Meet the Requirements of the 112(r) Risk Management Program

RMT - Water-Quality Data Mapping - River Management Tool

Sanitary Sewers - Model New or Existing Sewer Systems

SCREEN View - Windows Interface for the U.S. EPA Screening Model SCREEN3

SEQUENCE - for Visualizing and Evaluating Natural Attenuation

SESOIL - Model for Long-Term Pollutant Fate and Migration in the Unsaturated Zone

SieveGraph - Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis Graphing

SLAB 3D View - Three-Dimensional Visualization for the U.S. EPA Air Pollution Model, SLAB

SLAB View - Toxic Gas Accidental Release Model - Graphical User Interface for the U.S. EPA SLAB Model

SLAEM/MLAEM - Analytic Element Models - Model Regional Groundwater Flow in Systems of Confined Aquifers, Unconfined Aquifers and Leaky Aquifers

SMS - Surface-Water Modeling System - Pre and Postprocessor for RMA2, HIVEL2D, SED2D-WES, FESWMS, WSPRO, STWAVE, and ADCIRC

SOILPARA - Determine Hydraulic Properties of Saturated/Unsaturated Soils

SoilVision - Estimation of Saturated/Unsaturated Soil Properties

SOLUTRANS - 3-D Analytic Solute Transport Model

StepMaster - Aquifer Step Drawdown Test Analysis

Storm Sewers - Design and Analyze New or Existing Storm Sewer Systems

Super Slug - Slug Test Analysis Software for Windows

Surfer - Create 3-D Contour Maps and Surface Plots

SUTRA - 2-D Saturated/Unsaturated Transport Model

SVE-3D - 3D Gas Flow and Transport in Variably Saturated Porous Media for Soil Vapor Extraction Modeling.

SVFLUX 2D/3D - Saturated/Unsaturated Automated 2D/3D Seepage Modeling Software

SV Grainsize - Database Software for Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis Data

SWIFT2000 - 3-D Model to Simulate Groundwater Flow, Heat, Brine and Radionuclide Transport

SWIMv1/SWIMv2 - soil water infiltration and movement model - simulate soil water balances

SWPlan - Solid Waste Management Planning Software

TWODAN - 2-D Analytic Ground-Water Flow Model

VAM2D - 2-D Variably-Saturated Groundwater Analysis Model

Vflo - Distributed (2D) Hydrologic Modeling using Radar Rainfall Data - Real Time Flood Forecasting and Physics-based Watershed Modeling

Visual Groundwater - 3-D Visualization and Animation of Site Data and Modeling Results

Visual HELP - Complete Modeling Environment for the HELP Model for Evaluating and Optimizing Landfill Designs

Visual MODFLOW - Integrated Modeling Environment for MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, and PEST

Visual PEST - Graphical Model-Independent Parameter Estimation and Optimization

VLEACH - One-Dimensional Finite-Difference Vadose Zone Leaching Model

VS2DT - Flow and Solute Transport in Variably-Saturated, Single-Phase Flow in Porous Media

WASP5/DYNHYD5 - Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program

Watershed Modeling - Hydrologic Analysis of Drainage Basins

Watershed Modeling System (WMS) - Graphical Interfaces to HEC-1, TR-20, NFF, Rational Method and HSPF

Water Surface Profiles - Computes Water Surface Profiles Through Channels, Culverts and Bridges - HEC-2, HEC-RAS and WSPRO

WHI UnSat Suite - A Compilation of the Most Popular Unsaturated Zone Models

WinFlow - Analytical Steady-State and Transient Groundwater Flow Model

WinLoG, WinFence, WinSieve - Boring Log, Fence Diagram and Sieve Analysis Software

WinTran - Groundwater Flow and Finite-Element Contaminant Transport Model


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