3DFEMFAT - 3d finite-element model of flow and transport through saturated-unsaturated zone media

3DFEMFAT Categories: flow models - saturated zone, flow models - unsaturated zone, saltwater intrusion models, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone

3DFEMFAT Overview

3DFEMFAT is a 3-Dimensional Finite-Element Model of Flow And Transport through Saturated-Unsaturated Media. Typical applications are infiltration, wellhead protection, agriculture pesticides, sanitary landfill, radionuclide disposal sites, hazardous waste disposal sites, density-induced flow and transport, saltwater intrusion, etc. 3DFEMFAT can do simulations of flow only, transport only, combined sequential flow and transport, or coupled density-dependent flow and transport. In comparison to conventional finite-element or finite-difference models, the transport module of 3DFEMFAT offers several advantages: (1) it completely eliminates numerical oscillation due to advection terms, (2) it can be applied to mesh Peclet numbers ranging from 0 to infinity, (3) it can use a very large time step size to greatly reduce numerical diffusion, and (4) the hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian finite-element approach is always superior to and will never be worse than its corresponding upstream finite-element or finite-difference method. Because of these advantages, 3DFEMFAT is ideal for applications to large field problems. The special features of 3DFEMFAT are its flexibility and versatility in modeling a wide range of real-world problems.

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