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The eFieldSystems Erosion & Sedimentation Inspector provides a complete and comprehensive solution for managing an entire development and construction site inspection program. Inspectors can complete their jobs more efficiently using our PDA handheld interface. With the PDA inspectors benefit from reduced paperwork, access to enforcement history in the field, and complete reports available with a few clicks using the Windows program. Management is more informed with reports on inspector activity, enforcement history, bmp failures, and the ability to sort reports on projects, companies, and/or dates.


Once you have learned the basics of how to use the E & S Inspector your construction site inspection program can be easily managed and maintained. Key benefits include the following:

 Track projects such as residential subdivisions, commercial developments, and industrial sites.
 Monitor individual contractors and developers within the community.
 Manage inspectors with simple reports and graphs.
 Customize templates with BMPs specific to the type of permit.
 Email inspection reports as attachments in Adobe PDF format viewable by the free Adobe PDF      viewer.
 Generate reports and graphs about enforcement actions.
 Evaluate BMP performance by project, company, and date and/or time.
 Create inspection reports using a Palm OS PDA in the field.
 View enforcement history on the PDA in the field.
 Easily upload inspections from the field and download any new project and/or permit                     information.
 Export reports to different programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel as well to            Adobe PDF format.


Designed to give your Erosion & Sediment Control inspectors the tools needed for efficiently and effectively enforcing local, state, and federal ordinances including the requirements associated with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phases I & II.

 Sort inspections by project, contractor, date, and / or time
 Create customized inspection templates identifying specific Best Management Practice (BMPs)     to be entered
 Inspect using a Palm™ OS Device with enforcement history accessible in the field
 Easy user security and administration
 Report enforcement history by project, contractor, date, and / or time as well as in easy to view     graphs
 Report on inspector efficiency
 Easy to setup and use

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