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ADEPT Overview

ADEPT contains over 40 solutions for the analysis of pumping test and slug test data. This Microsoft Windows pumping test and slug test application: organizes the analytical techniques in a logical and efficient manner; is an Electronic Handbook with hypertext links allowing the user to search for the desired technique by keyword, reference, index, or table of contents; offers on-line Help and allows easy peer-review to check for errors; generates report-ready text output and technically-accurate graphics; automatically interconverts any units supplied by the user from English to SI and back; input and output can be in mixed units; and uses linked-object embedding between Mathcad and other Windows applications, such as WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3.

ADEPT includes pumping test and slug test solutions for: unconfined, confined, artesian and leaky aquifers with partial penetration corrections - distance and time-drawdown analyses - five slug test techniques - safe yield, well efficiency, capture zone, and recharge basin analyses - drawdown analyses at constant-head boundaries - flowing well functions and fractured aquifer analysis. New and unique: three composite (t/r2) plot analyses.

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