AquaDyn - hydrodynamic simulation model for open channels - rivers, lakes, and estuaries

AquaDyn Categories: coastal, lake circulation, surface-water models

AquaDyn Overview

AquaDyn is a powerful and easy-to-use hydrodynamic simulation model essential for water resources engineering studies, risk assessment, and impact studies. AquaDyn allows the complete description and analysis of hydrodynamic conditions (e.g., flow rates and water levels) of open channels such as rivers, lakes, or estuaries. Engineers, specialists, and decision-makers can use the specialized modules of the AquaDyn simulation package to predict impacts on water flow conditions. For instance, AquaDyn provides a reliable way to forecast the consequences of different activities such as dredging or building dikes, bridges piers, and embankments. AquaDyn can be used to model steady and unsteady flows in supercritical as well as subcritical conditions and therefore permits the user to take into account and study the effects of weirs, contractions, and tidal waves.

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