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BillPro Description


What is BillPro?

BillPro for Windows is an easy-to-use time and materials billing program. BillPro is designed for professionals who need a tool for tracking time and costs to create detailed invoices.

Why use BillPro?

  • Save Time
  • Minimize Forgotten Billables

The primary design criteria in the development of BillPro was to make the billing process as simple as possible. It was not designed to replace your present accounting system, but to enhance it. The program is designed to efficiently manage your billing process. BillPro allows you to set up an unlimited number of projects (clients) and access those projects through pull-down lists. You can also set up an unlimited number of resources that can be used in your projects. Resources can be people, equipment, job classifications, etc., and each resource can be assigned a rate that will be used in all future billings.

How easy is BillPro to use?

BillPro is extremely easy to use. All data entry is done through one screen. This screen allows you to select a project and resource and then enter your expense and resource costs. From this screen, you can also add, delete, browse and filter billing items.

Printing your billing information is also very simple. With the click of a button you can select the project you want to bill, preview the information and then create a final bill.

What does BillPro do that my accounting program won't do?

Accounting programs require a great deal more time and effort to produce a detailed invoice which most clients are now requiring. BillPro allows you to prepare a very detailed invoice, all from a single entry screen. The total invoice amount can then be entered as a single entry into your accounting software or books. Every cost is captured on an individual project basis which can be viewed and printed by resource, activity, project, date, and periodically archived.

Regardless of which type of accounting software you are using, BillPro will make your billing preparation easier and more efficient.

Simple Data Entry

All time and materials transactions entered from the same screen:


Powerful and Easy Reporting:


Easy-to-read previews and invoices/Detailed transaction reporting:


Projects and Resources that are easy to set up and maintain:


Other Features

Built-In Help/On-Line Manual:


BillPro Requirements: Pentium with Windows 95/98/2000 with 2 MB RAM and CD-ROM Reader.

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