BIO1D - biodegradation and sorption in contaminant transport in ground water - analyze laboratory data

BIO1D Categories: bioremediation, solute transport models - saturated zone

BIO1D Overview

BIO1D is a one-dimensional modeling code which simulates biodegradation and sorption in contaminant transport. The objective of BIO1D was to provide an interactive, user-friendly microcomputer software package to serve as an educational tool for understanding the relative importance of various physicochemical and biochemical processes. The BIO1D code is especially useful for analyzing laboratory data from column experiments. BIO1D includes a preprocessor which enables the user to prepare input data interactively. The preparation includes features such as inputting new data and storing them in a disk file, or reading data from a disk file and editing them. The BIO1D preprocessor has built-in error recovery procedures to forgive most input errors made by a user during interaction.

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