BIOF&T 2-D/3-D - biodegradation, flow and transport model in the saturated and unsaturated zone

BIOF&T 2-D/3-D Categories: bioremediation, flow models - saturated zone, flow models - unsaturated zone, fractured systems models, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone

BIOF&T 2-D/3-D Overview

BIOF&T 3-D models biodegradation, flow and transport in the saturated and unsaturated zones in two or three dimensions in heterogeneous, anisotropic porous media or fractured media. BIOF&T allows real world modeling not available in similar packages. Model convection, dispersion, diffusion, adsorption, desorption, and microbial processes based on oxygen-limited, anaerobic, first-order, or Monod-type biodegradation kinetics as well as anaerobic or first-order sequential degradation involving multiple daughter species.

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