BioSVE - soil vapor extraction (SVE) and vacuum enhanced recovery with bioventing

BioSVE Categories: bioremediation, vapor transport

BioSVE Overview

BioSVE incorporates soil vapor extraction (SVE), vacuum enhanced recovery (bioventing) and biodegradation into one easy-to-use screening model. Quite often, field situations require tools to evaluate different remediation schemes prior to implementation. While these screening tools usually require extensive site data (which can be very expensive or impossible to collect in the available time frame), BioSVE allows site evaluation with few sampling events, quickly. Vacuum Enhanced Recovery (bioslurping), coupled with biodegradation, is a popular emerging cleanup technology, and BioSVE takes advantage of this industry trend with useful tools for hydrocarbon contaminant sites. A typical hydrocarbon spill/leak may contain from 20 to more than 100 components, and BioSVE can model recovery and degradation of up to 250 components. BioSVE allows for modeling of contaminants partitioned among water, vapor, free hydrocarbon and solid phases. This gives the user power to develop remediation strategies for free product recovery, soil vacuum extraction, natural or engineered biodegradation, etc., with high confidence and lower costs to total remediation efforts.

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