ChemFlux 2D - finite element mass transport modeling software

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ChemFlux 2D Description

ChemFlux 2D represents the next level in contaminant transport modeling. Designed to be simple and effective, the software offers features designed to allow the user to focus on contaminant transport solutions, not convergence problems or difficult mesh creation.

Great care has been taken to model our geometry CAD-style input after the popular AutoCAD software. Free-form boundary equations and an optional soil database of over 6000 soils to choose from further simplify model design.

The finite element solution makes use of fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement to solve the problem quickly as well as indicating zones of critical gradient.

The adaptive mesh refinement abilities of ChemFlux allow the user to specify mesh refinement that follows the front of the contaminant. The mesh then relaxes dynamically as need be to optimize solution time.

Key Features:

  • AutoCAD-style CAD input
  • Model advection, diffusion, absorption and decay
  • Fully automatic mesh generation
  • Fully automatic mesh refinement
  • Fully automatic time-step refinement for transient problems
  • Mesh refinement may be specified to follow the contaminant front
  • Model movement of contaminants in the saturated and unsaturated zone
  • Reduction in convergence problems over conventional software

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