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ChemFlux is the most powerful and stable finite element contaminant transport modeling software currently available. ChemFlux is a finite element software package characterized by automatic mesh generation, automatic mesh refinement and automatic time-step refinement. The solver offers speed and reduction in convergence problems over other similar software packages. Results of benchmark tests run against MT3D confirm the effectiveness of the solver. ChemFlux is able to provide the same level of accuracy as MT3D in solutions dominated by advection while implementing the irregular geometry benefits of the finite element method. ChemFlux can also import groundwater gradients from the powerful SVFlux groundwater modeling package.

Designed for use by geotechnical/geoenvironmental engineers, hydrogeologists, geological engineers and soil scientists, ChemFlux offers a new level of computing power not currently available. Predicting the movement of contaminant plumes through the processes of advection, diffusion, adsorption and decay is possible.

The ChemFlux design module provides an elegant and simple user interface. Problem geometry and groundwater gradients may be imported from the SVFlux software. ChemFlux modeling is, therefore, fast and allows the soil professional to focus on the model and not the method.

ChemFlux 2D
Saturated / Unsaturated automated 2D contaminant transport modeling...

ChemFlux 3D
Saturated / Unsaturated automated 3D contaminant transport modeling...

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