ChemPoint - RCRA and CERCLA ground-water analysis database for complete environmental data management

ChemPoint Categories: ground-water database programs, monitoring

ChemPoint Overview

ChemPoint for Complete Environmental Data Management and Reporting for Air, Soil, Surface Water, Ground Water, Ash, Sludge, Bio-Tissue

If you're currently tracking your data in multiple dBASE, Lotus, or Excel files with different format, ChemPoint is the Environmental Data Management System you have been waiting for. For the first time, ChemPoint's powerful importer module allows you to collect all of your existing data and collate it into a powerful relational database format for easy access. ChemPoint is an environmental sampling database management application for Microsoft Windows. It was developed to track ground-water data at RCRA and CERCLA facilities. Although designed to manage soil and ground-water sampling results from RCRA and CERCLA facilities, ChemPoint is also suitable for the management of air-quality sampling data.

See ChemStat - RCRA Subtitle C and D Statistical Analysis Software for use with ChemPoint!

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