EnviroScape - environmental education tabletop models for nonpoint source pollution, coastal, hazardous waste, wetlands, landfill, riparian, and groundwater issues EnviroScape Category: educational/test data sets, landfills, rainfall runoff, solid waste management, stormwater, surface water, water quality, watershed modeling, landfill model, hazardous materials model, coastal model, wetlands model, non-point source model, nonpoint source model, table top models, classroom models, educational model kits, environmental classroom models, environmental model kits


Each EnviroScape model comes with a corresponding
User's Guide that contains factually correct and balanced
information and activities that are peer-reviewed and
approved. It's comprehensive and flexible enough to be
used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a way to
complement and expand an existing curriculum.

Age based Environmental Resource Guides are also available:

  • ERG--Grades: K-2
  • ERG--Grades: 3-5  
  • ERG--Grades: 6-8  
  • ERG--Grades: 9-12


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EnviroScape® Curriculum

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