EnviroScape - environmental education tabletop models for nonpoint source pollution, coastal, hazardous waste, wetlands, landfill, riparian, and groundwater issues EnviroScape Category: educational/test data sets, landfills, rainfall runoff, solid waste management, stormwater, surface water, water quality, watershed modeling, landfill model, hazardous materials model, coastal model, wetlands model, non-point source model, nonpoint source model, table top models, classroom models, educational model kits, environmental classroom models, environmental model kits


  • NPS Pollution Sources and Runoff Prevention
  • Wetlands Values and Functions
  • Hazardous Materials Clean-up and Management
  • Modern Landfill Systems and Groundwater Protection
  • Coastal Environmental Use and Protection
  • Groundwater Use and Protection
  • Riparian Zone Use and Habitat Preservation

EnviroScapes are engaging and effective in creating a real sense of understanding through experience and hands-on demonstration. This makes complex issues much clearer and helps people see how to prevent water pollution in their own communities.

The three-dimensional landscapes (approx. 25" x 30" x 5") illustrate residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial and transportation areas -- all representing possible sources of water pollution. Children and adults learn by using chemicals (drink mix) and loose soil (cocoa) throughout a typical community to see how their actions and those of others may affect our water quality. EnviroScape actually emphasizes pollution prevention with a follow-up demonstration that shows how to prevent such pollution through the use of best management practices.

As more than one user has told us, EnviroScape is "the best educational tool we have." In addition to being successfully used with students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, EnviroScape is also used by universities, soil and water conservation districts, city governments, utility companies, consultants and civic and environmental groups around the world.

The Groundwater Kit and the Riparian Kit can be used with any of the scenarios -- Nonpoint Source, Wetlands, Hazardous Materials or Landfill.

As an option, you can also purchase the Deluxe Heavy-duty Carrying Case that can hold 1 EnviroScape unit plus the groundwater and riparian kits. The Carrying Case has wheels for easy movement, can be shipped, and is airline transportable as checked baggage.

As another option, you can purchase the Nylon Shoulder Bag (black in color, with red straps). It holds 1 unit and is very durable and water proof.

EnviroScape® Description
Patent No. 5,427,530


"EnviroScape is a unique, interactive learning tool that helps people make a visual connection between land use and water quality. Once they see it, they don't forget it. And, anyone can use it."

The EnviroScape interactive units dramatically demonstrate water pollution -- and its prevention. EnviroScape programs communicate to people of all ages that we share responsibilities in preventing water pollution.

The EnviroScape Program currently consists of Nonpoint Source, Wetlands, Coastal, Hazardous Materials, and Landfill units, a Riparian Kit, and a Groundwater Kit. It also includes optional setup videos and curriculum.

EnviroScape programs have proven to be a key resource in environmental education programs about:

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