EnviroScape - environmental education tabletop models for nonpoint source pollution, coastal, hazardous waste, wetlands, landfill, riparian, and groundwater issues EnviroScape Category: educational/test data sets, landfills, rainfall runoff, solid waste management, stormwater, surface water, water quality, watershed modeling, landfill model, hazardous materials model, coastal model, wetlands model, non-point source model, nonpoint source model, table top models, classroom models, educational model kits, environmental classroom models, environmental model kits


  • EnviroScape is one of the 25 demonstration projects
    selected by the National Forum on nonpoint Source
    Pollution (convened by the Conservation Fund and
    the National Geographic Society).
  • EnviroScape models are being used in all 50 states,
    Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe by
    elementary and high schools, universities, community
    organizations, environmental consulting firms, nature
    centers, zoos, parks, museums, city, county, state
    and federal governments, public utilities, corporations,
    and many soil and water conservation districts.
  • In order to maintain accuracy and balance, all EnviroScape
    units and Users Guides are peer reviewed by up to 30
    people including researchers, environmental experts,
    teachers, and engineering specialists representing
    government, academia and private sectors.
  • The EnviroScape program currently includes the basic
    watershed and nonpoint source pollution design of the
    Nonpoint Source Model, Hazardous Materials, Landfill,
    Wetlands Units, the Groundwater Kit and the Riparian Kit.
    A Coastal Unit was recently released, and an Urban unit
    is in the planning stage.
  • EnviroScape News is published bimonthly for EnviroScape users. The newsletter includes information on new products and services and highlights successes and tips of EnviroScape users.
  • Set-up videos for each unit of the EnviroScape program are available except for the Landfill unit. These videos give a brief overview of a demonstration plus set-up and cleaning tips.
  • The official EnviroScape Contact program has been implemented to identify EnviroScape users in several regions who can answer questions about local programs and water issues.
  • EnviroScape has been selected for distribution by Wards Science and NASCO, two of the nation's leading school science resource distributors.
  • The National Association of Elementary School Principals is among the educational organizations promoting EnviroScape to its members.
  • EnviroScape was awarded the National Environmental Development Associations' Honor Roll Award in recognition of its creative and balanced educational approach to environmental issues.
  • Companies using EnviroScape in community outreach and education programs include: Cargill Inc., Kellogg USA Inc., Coors Brewing Company, and an Amoco Oil Company refinery.

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