EQuIS Geology - geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical data management system

EQuIS Geology Categories: boring logs, geotechnical models, ground-water database programs, water quality

EQuIS Geology Overview

Announcing. . . New Interfaces in EQuIS Geology

EQuIS Geology is the latest product in this suite of geology, hydrogeology, and geotechnical - a complete environmental data management and analysis system. Written in Visual Basic and using the Microsoft Access database engine, EQuIS Geology offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive means of organizing geological, geotechnical, and hydrogeologic data. Information is stored on a project-by-project basis in EQuIS Geology. In a particular project, any number of borings or wells may be entered, and for each, boring samples may be specified at any number of depths. (In EQuIS Geology, only well construction information is recorded. The companion product, EQuIS, is used for time-variant water table measurements and water chemistry information.)

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