The QuickCross/Fence preview screen now offers a full set of drawing tools to make creating cross sections and fence diagrams much easier and faster. These drawing tools are much more customized for cross section drawing than the tools that you would find in a general CAD system. First of all, the program automatically places nodes at each contact point between the geologic layers. You simply click on the nodes surrounding each layer and then create the polygon. You can even create rounded lenses by selecting 3 or 4 nodes. Additional tools let you add fault lines, arrows, bitmap symbols, and text. Click on the samples below to enlarge:

fence diagram, cross section, and well lithology/construction diagrams software

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QuickSoil Description

QuickGIS - New!

QuickGIS enables you to organize the lithology data for a set of borings into a table of X, Y, Z coordinates and geological layers. You can then export this data to ArcView and other GIS systems or use it to enhance the abilities of QuickCross/Fence. Using QuickGIS, you can connect the geological layers using your skill as a geologist to produce report-ready diagrams. This feature saves you the step of importing the diagrams into CAD. Below is a sample GIS table:


The QuickSoil module produces a soil analysis table that shows soil sample test results for a set of parameters. Each sample is placed at its correct depth and shaded according to the value of each parameter tested. It makes it easy to see the areas of contamination throughout the different layers of soil. Note: QuickLog also displays soil sample data. QuickSoil expands these capabilities by showing more parameters on a page and in a different graphical format.

Sample Soil Analysis Diagram:

Summary of New Features in Version 2001:

  • Drawing/Annotation Tools to Modify Drawings Directly on Preview Screen!
  • Intelligent Cross Section Tools to create Nodes, Lenses, & Symbols
  • Create Colored Cross Sections without using QuickGIS
  • Set Custom Page Size for Cross Sections up to 24 in. by 36 in
  • Place up to 50 Borings and 2 Parameters on Cross Sections
  • Draw Borings with Azimuth and Incline on Cross Section
  • Cross Section Legend Increased to 30 Fill Patterns
  • Create Custom Fill Patterns using any Paint Program
  • Save Drawing Files to .BMP, .WMF, .EMF, .MDF (new format)
  • Utilize New .MDF Format for Sharing Drawing Files with Colleagues
  • Maximum Size of Description Box increased from 3.6 inches to 6.5 inches
  • Prompt Editor to Convert QuickLog to any Language
  • Use File Browser to Add Paths to Project List
  • New Description Placement Commands
  • Undo Editing Mistakes

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