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GALENA is one of the most powerful and flexible slope stability analysis systems available anywhere in the world allowing you to analyze ground stability quickly and accurately using models that simulate geological conditions.

GALENA is a simple, user-friendly yet very powerful slope stability software system so you can simulate complex geological, groundwater and external force conditions without wrestling with frustrating computer instructions.

GALENA has been developed by geotechnical engineers for practical use in the field. It was tested on a wide variety of earth and rock slopes, dams and cuttings so you can be sure you're gaining the benefit of practical experience, not just engineering theory.

GALENA incorporates three methods of slope stability analysis so you can assess a wide range of ground stability problems in both soils and rocks.

  • The BISHOP Simplified method determines the stability of circular failure surfaces.
  • The SPENCER-WRIGHT method for either circular or non-circular failure surfaces.
  • The SARMA method for problems where non-vertical slices are required or for more complex stability problems.
  • With all three methods available in one package, you can tackle any problem in a variety of ways without stopping to load a new program.

    GALENA is a powerful and easy to use slope stability analysis system developed for engineers who would rather solve geotechnical problems than computer ones. GALENA provides you with a number of unique features to take much of the guesswork out of the natural variability of geological materials while making stability analysis easier than ever.

    The U.S. Government's Office of Surface Mining Selected GALENA As Their Official Slope Analysis Software Package!

    If you work on embankments, cuttings, dams, mining excavations or
    foundations you need GALENA!

    GALENA - a slope stability analysis software designed to solve geotechnical problems quickly and accurately using models that simulate geological conditions

    GALENA Categories: civil engineering, geotechnical, slope analysis

    GALENA Overview

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