GFLOW 2000 is a highly-efficient stepwise groundwater flow modeling system. It is a Windows 95/98/NT program based on the analytic element method. It models steady-state flow in a single heterogeneous aquifer using the Dupuit-Forchheimer assumption. While GFLOW 2000 supports some local transient and three-dimensional flow modeling, it is particularly suitable for modeling regional horizontal flow. To facilitate detailed local flow modeling, GFLOW 2000 supports a MODFLOW-extract option to automatically generate MODFLOW files in a user-defined area with aquifer properties and boundary conditions provided by the GFLOW analytic element model. GFLOW 2000 also supports conjunctive surface water and groundwater modeling using stream networks with calculated baseflow.

GFLOW 2000 - remedial system design, well head protection studies, and local and regional modeling investigations

GFLOW 2000 Categories: flow models - pathlines/capture zones, flow models - saturated zone, solute transport models - saturated zone, modflow programs

GFLOW Overview

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