GWN-DTM - a sophisticated digital terrain model

GWN-DTM Categories: civil engineering, watershed modeling

GWN-DTM Overview

Digital Terrain Modeling and Contour Mapping

With GWN-DTM you can easily do contours or design roadways, dams, open pit mines, sites - practically anything on the earth's surface. GWN-DTM will save you time and money, while improving the overall project efficiency. GWN-DTM processes all data at one time even for large projects - the software has been tested by processing over 500,000 spatial points in one batch. There is no need to break the data into smaller sets which saves you time and enables you to concentrate your efforts on the project at hand. You can save further time and effort by using the batch processing mode in GWN-DTM which allows you to process multiple tasks off-line. With batch mode, the processing can be done, for example, overnight. GWN-DTM has been designed with open architecture, i.e., the software can be modified to suit your specific requirements. You can incorporate your own utilities and execute GWN-DTM's commands in the sequence you need.

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