ISC-AERMOD View - modeling environment for the U.S. EPA air quality model ISCST3, air dispersion model AERMOD, and air dispersion model ISC-PRIME

ISC-AERMOD View Category: air pollution

ISC-AERMOD View Overview

ISC-AERMOD View is a complete and powerful Windows air dispersion modeling system which seamlessly incorporates three popular U.S. EPA models into one interface: ISCST3, AERMOD and ISC PRIME.

The Industrial Source Complex - Short Term regulatory air dispersion model (ISCST3) is a Gaussian plume model and is widely used to assess pollution concentration and/or deposition flux on receptors from a wide variety of sources.

AERMOD is the next generation air dispersion model which incorporates planetary boundary layer concepts.

The Industrial Source Complex - Plume RIse Model Enhancements (ISC-PRIME) dispersion model is similar to the ISCST3 model but contains enhanced building downwash analysis.

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