Are you tired of continually updating your maps with new data?
Automate it! MapViewer 5 includes a powerful scripting language
which allows you to automate the process of creating your maps.
MapViewer can be called from Golden Software's Scripter (which
comes with MapViewer), from Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any
other OLE Automation compliant language.

Import Georeferenced Bitmaps

Bitmaps that contain georeferencing information can be imported directly into MapViewer, utilizing the georeferencing information. You no longer have to go through the tedious bitmap calibration routine if the bitmap georeferencing information is readily available.


Redefine Boundary IDs and Attributes

Interchange the IDs and hyperlinks associated with all selected objects in your map. This tool can be particularly useful when you have a conflict between primary IDs in your boundary and data files.

Hyperlink IDs

Have all the data you need at the click of a button. Hyperlink an area to launch URLs, images, multimedia files, email, and applications.


3D Pie and 3D Bar Maps

Increase the visual impact of your pie and bar maps by adding a 3D aspect to them.


More Ways to Classify your Data

MapViewer 5 incorporates two new data classification methods. The Jenks' Natural breaks method creates classes based on the optimal natural breaks in your data. The Standard Deviation method generates data classes based on the standard deviation of the data.

Centroid-to-Centroid Flow Map Design

Creating flow maps has never been easier. The new centroid-to-centroid method connects the centroids of base map objects based on starting and ending primary ID information.


Multi-Color Spectrums for Hatch and Prism Map Colors

You are no longer limited to only a minimum and maximum color for your color spectrums. Use one of the predefined color spectrums or create your own.

Drawing smooth curves and areas is easy

MapViewer 5 includes two new drawing objects - spline areas and spline curves. Spline areas and curves are smooth, flowing areas and curves with no sharp or distinct angles.

Limit your Map Based Upon an Area Object

Simply draw an area object and use it to define the map limits.


Text Lead Lines for Pie and Bar Maps

Make the labels on your pie and bar maps easier to read by using text lead lines.

Easily Crop Bitmaps

Save hard disk space and redraw times by cropping out the portions of a bitmap that you do not want. Use one or more areas, points, rectangles, ellipses, and text to crop a bitmap. If you are cropping a georeferenced bitmap image, the georeferencing is preserved in the cropped bitmap!

Create Blended Boundary Bitmaps

Merge a bitmap and a base map to easily create a blended boundary bitmap. Blended boundary bitmaps enhance the layout of most maps, and can even add additional information to your map. You can also create blended boundary bitmaps by merging a base map with selected objects in the map window.

Additional New Features

 Choose from 7 new scale bar styles.
 Lock and unlock layers on a map.
 Add or remove graticule lines with a single click in the Layer Manager.
 Use any symbol to represent data on a density map.
 Print the current onscreen view quickly and easily.
 Top-level legends display the legend data for multiple map layers on a single legend.
 Image editing tools allow you to alter or enhance bitmaps.
 Boundary objects can contain up to 4 IDs.
 Choose the primary ID (from available boundary file IDs) when importing a boundary file.
 3 new ways to display map query results.
 Interactively change the 3D view of a prism map with the Prism View tool.
 Zoom and Pan in real time.
 The above is just a sampling of what's new in MapViewer 5. There are many additional enhancements and new features, keeping MapViewer one step ahead of the competition!

What's New in MapViewer 5

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