MidTex DLG Reader - create custom basemaps from DLG's

DLG Reader Category: civil engineering, GIS

MidTex DLG Reader Overview

If you use AutoCAD for mapping purposes, what you have probably been doing is purchasing basemap information in DWG or DXF format and importing it over your other mapping information. Basemap information from custom data providers can be good, but  expensive. When the data is available on the USGS Internet FTP server free of charge, why not use a less expensive method for putting basemaps together? The MidTex DLG Reader for AutoCAD will be of great benefit to companies that need accurate digital information but don't want to pay the high prices that basemap providers charge. It is seamlessly integrated as a native ARX extension to the AutoCAD desktop. You can use the same exact data that companies like American Digital Cartography (ADC) use without having to pay exorbitant rates. Considering that charges are $100 for half of a 1:100K digital quad, this program can pay for itself immediately.

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