MOCDENSE - two-constituent solute transport model for ground water having variable density

MOCDENSE Categories: flow models - saturated zone, saltwater intrusion models, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone


MOCDENSE is a modified version of the ground-water flow and solute-transport model of Konikow and Bredehoeft which was designed to simulate the transport and dispersion of a single solute that does not affect the fluid density. This modified version of MOCDENSE simulates the flow in a cross-sectional plane rather than in an areal plane. Because the problem of interest involves variable density, the modified model solves for fluid pressure rather than hydraulic head in the flow equation; the solution to the flow equation is still obtained using a finite-difference method. Solute transport is simulated in MOCDENSE with the method of characteristics as in the original model. Density is considered to be a function of the concentration of one of the constituents.

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