MODAIR - simulates airflow using MODFLOW - models air in the unsaturated zone

MODAIR Categories: flow models - unsaturated zone, vapor transport, MODFLOW programs

MODAIR Overview

MODAIR and its companion code P3DAIR answer questions critical to SVE system design: What will be the airflow rate to an extraction well for a given applied pressure? What will be the resultant pressure distribution in the soil? What area will the capture zone of the extraction system encompass? MODAIR is a software package for modeling airflow in the unsaturated zone, including airflow to an extraction well. MODAIR is based on MODFLOW, the popular ground-water modeling code developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (McDonald and Harbaugh, 1988). The MODAIR software package consists of: MODFLOW; AIRGEN, a preprocessor which prepares the input files so that airflow simulations can be made using MODFLOW; and PMAIR, a postprocessor which enables users to plot two-dimensional air-pressure distributions. MODFLOW packages supported are BAS, BCF, WEL, CHD, SIP, and OPC.

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