MODRET - infiltration from stormwater retention ponds using MODFLOW - runoff hydrographs

MODRET Categories: flow models - saturated zone, flow models - unsaturated zone, mounding, MODFLOW programs

MODRET Overview

MODRET is an easy-to-use interactive computer program that calculates unsaturated and saturated infiltration losses from stormwater retention/detention ponds in unconfined aquifers with a variety of utility modules that give versatility to the model. Other capabilities include:

  • Generation of single watershed stormwater runoff hydrographs using SCS Unit Hydrograph, Rational and Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph methods with graphical display of the results.
  • Routing of runoff hydrographs (MODRET-generated and/or others) through infiltration losses of ponds and generation of infiltration routed hydrographs.
  • Specification of overflow devices (weirs, orifices and rating curves) for the stormwater retention/detention ponds and calculation of total volume and peak discharges.
  • Generation of ground-water elevation cross-sectional graphics with ZOOM capabilities.
  • Generation of XYZ data files which can be used by other programs (SURFER, AutoCAD, etc.) to generate ground-water contour maps and 3-D surfaces.
  • Generation of report-quality tabular and graphical printouts of input and output data.

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