MOFAT - multiphase (water, oil, gas) flow and multicomponent transport

MOFAT Categories: multiphase flow and transport, solute transport model - saturated zone, solute transport model - unsaturated zone

MOFAT Overview

MOFAT for Windows includes a graphical preprocessor, mesh editor and postprocessor with on-line help. Simulate multiphase (water, oil and gas) flow and transport of up to five non-inert chemical species in MOFAT. Model flow of light or dense organic liquids in three fluid phase systems. Simulate dynamic or passive gas as a full three-phase flow problem. Model water flow only, oil-water flow, or water-oil-gas flow in variably-saturated porous media. MOFAT achieves a high degree of computational efficiency by solving flow equations at each node (on the finite-element mesh) only for phases that are undergoing changes in pressures and saturations above specified tolerances using a new adaptive solution domain method. Therefore, if NAPL is absent or exists at a residual saturation, MOFAT will locally eliminate those flow equations. MOFAT analyzes convective-dispersive transport in water, NAPL, and gas phases by assuming local equilibrium or nonequilibrium partitioning among the fluid and solid phases. MOFAT considers interphase mass transfer and compositional dependence of phase densities. A concise but accurate description of soil capillary pressure relations is used which assures natural continuity between single-phase, two-phase and three-phase conditions. The user can estimate soil properties using SOILPARA.

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