MS-VMS - MODFLOW-based visual modeling system with comprehensive ground-water flow and transport capability

MS-VMS Categories: flow models - pathlines/capture zones, flow models - saturated zone, flow models - unsaturated zone, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone, MODFLOW programs, multiphase flow and transport models, vapor transport, seepage analysis

MS-VMS Overview

MS-VMS is a comprehensive MODFLOW-based ground-water flow and contaminant transport modeling system. We believe that MS-VMS sets the highest standard for ground-water modeling in the industry. The USGS modular ground-water flow model, MODFLOW, is the most widely-used ground-water flow model in the world. But, in its original form, MODFLOW has certain limitations and cannot be used to simulate some complex problems encountered regularly by modelers, hydrogeologists, and engineers in the field. MS-VMS overcomes these limitations.

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