P3DAIR - simulates air flow and the advective transport of vapor in unsaturated soils using MODFLOW

P3DAIR Categories: flow models - pathlines/capture zones, vapor transport, MODFLOW programs, flow models - unsaturated zone

P3DAIR Overview

P3DAIR can be used to simulate the movement of air and the advective transport of vapor in unsaturated soils. P3DAIR is particularly useful for delineating contaminant capture zones and evaluating the effectiveness of vapor extraction wells. P3DAIR is recommended for use with MODAIR which is a MODFLOW-based software package for modeling air flow in the unsaturated zone. P3DAIR uses the input files and pressure solution of MODAIR. However, it can be readily modified to work in conjunction with any other block-centered finite-difference flow model. P3DAIR generates output files containing: x,y,z coordinates at different travel times along the path of each individual particle; x,y,z coordinates of all the particles at a user-specified time; and initial and final positions of particles captured by various sinks or sources in the case of backward tracking. P3DAIR produces output files of pathlines of individual particles, positions of displacement fronts of capture zones at desired time, and distribution of captured particles.

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