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Model-Independent Parameter Estimation

"All the data. All the time."

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PEST is a unique package that can be used with any pre-existing model for data interpretation or model calibration. Once you've used PEST you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. The days of manual model calibration and data interpretation are over. Now you can use all the data all the time no matter what model you are using.


Matching model-generated data to field data becomes easy with PEST.

Use of nonlinear parameter estimation techniques allows you to exercise greater control over model calibration and/or data interpretation. More complex parameterizations are possible than would even be considered under a manual calibration regime. Yet PEST can clearly indicate where further complexity is non-sustainable, given the current dataset. Contrast this with the manual calibration process where the modeler simply "gives up" when he/she no longer has the strength or the time to carry out yet another model run.

PEST is powerful! It has successfully calibrated models with hundreds of parameters on the basis of thousands of observations. Yet it is easy to use. No programming is required to interface an existing model with PEST because PEST communicates with a model through the model's own input and output files. The flexibility engendered through this approach allows ingenious calibration methodologies to be developed, for the "model" can actually be a batch file running many programs in succession. PEST can communicate with some or all of these individual programs.


Complexity is no hindrance to PEST.

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