PLOTCHEM - water-quality data plotting program; create piper (trilinear), stiff, radial, pie and bar diagrams

PLOTCHEM Categories: hydrogeochemical models, water quality

New Water-Quality Data Plotting Software - AquaChem!


PLOTCHEM is a water-quality data plotting software package. PLOTCHEM incorporates complete two- and three-way mixing analysis using all possible sample permutations and prints mixing probabilities in tabular form. A percent error limit may be specified for mixing results. For two-way mixing, a straight line tolerance is specified. Up to four diagrams (Stiff, Radial, Pie, Bar) may be plotted per page with the scales and constituent assignments determined by the user. Input data units include epm, ppm, mgl, and meq/l. Concentrations are displayed along with anion/cation summaries and constituent percentages. Colors for borders, labels, diagrams, diagram labels, diagram numbers, dashed lines, concentration circles and sample points may be selected. Three options for Piper (Trilinear) Diagrams: separate symbols, multiple sample symbol representation, and sample points represented by dots. Up to 1,000 samples may be processed in a single run. Either sample collection date or Well ID's may be placed on Trilinear Diagrams. Concentration circles (arithmetic or logarithmic) may be drawn to scale on Trilinear diagrams. Cross hatching may be omitted from Trilinear diagrams for ease of viewing. Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) is computed. Anion/cation balances are presented in tabular form in all units. Anion/cation selection has been expanded to include additional major, secondary, minor and trace constituents.

This product is no longer commercially available. However, it can be downloaded for free on our download site.


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