The MODFLOW-2000 module is designed to add capabilities to PMWIN for supporting MODFLOW-2000, PEST-ASP and MT3D99. This add-on module includes MODFLOW-2000 as well as the latest (full) version of PEST and UCODE. The module not only enables PMWIN to use the inbuilt model calibration capability of MODFLOW-2000, but also allows the conjunctive use of PEST-ASP and MODFLOW-2000, which combines the strength of the both programs. In addition, the capability of using MT3D99 enables PMWIN to analyze natural attenuation and bioremediation. The main features of this add-on module are listed below:

1. Supports and includes all versions of MODFLOW, i.e., MODFLOW-88/96/2000 and provides full-backward compatibility. All MODFLOW programs have been recompiled using dynamic memory allocation allowing the construction of extremely large models.

2. Supports and includes the latest versions of PEST-ASP, UCODE, MT3D, MT3DMS and MOC3D.

3. Supports the Observation (OBS), Sensitivity (SEN) and Parameter-Estimation (PES) processes which are required by the inbuilt parameter estimation capability of MODFLOW-2000.

4. Supports the use of both head and flow observations for parameter estimation and is able to run sensitivity analysis with MODFLOW-2000. Flow observations can be used with constant-head cells and with the drain, river, stream and general-head boundary packages.

5. Supports the estimation of the scaling factor of heterogeneously distributed parameters with MODFLOW-2000.

6. Supports the Layer-Property-Flow package which allows the use of cell-by-cell vertical hydraulic conductivity, vertical anisotropy and horizontal anisotropy.

7. Supports MT3D99 for reactive transport modeling including BIOPLUME-type aerobic and anaerobic reactions between hydrocarbon contaminants and any user-specified electron acceptors, and parent-daughter chain reactions for inorganic or organic compounds. The multispecies reactions are fully integrated with the transport solution schemes including the implicit solver.

8. The parameter estimation interfaces to PEST and UCODE have been dramatically improved.

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