PMWIN - 3D Groundwater Explorer

Processing Modflow (PMWIN for Windows) - graphical interface for MODFLOW, MODPATH, PMPATH, MT3D/MT3DMS/MT3D96, PEST and UCODE

Processing Modflow Categories: flow models - saturated zone, model interfaces and modeling shells, solute transport models - saturated zone, compaction, MODFLOW programs

Processing Modflow (PMWIN) Overview

Processing MODFLOW for Windows (PMWIN) is the most complete simulation system in the world. It comes complete with a professional graphical preprocessor and postprocessor, the 3-D finite-difference ground-water models MODFLOW-88, MODFLOW-96, and MODFLOW 2000; the solute transport models MT3D, MT3DMS, RT3D and MOC3D; the particle tracking model PMPATH 99; and the inverse models UCODE and PEST-ASP for automatic calibration. A 3D visualization and animation package, 3D Groundwater Explorer, is also now included.

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