Pocket WinLoG Description

Pocket WinLoG has revolutionized the way borehole and well data is collected in the field. It has never been so easy to enter borehole data and create logs. You are guaranteed to reduce hours of data entry and editing by selecting a pre-designed template and using the quick macros provided in the program. Once all your information has been input, you can upload or email the data to your desktop for further editing and printing.

How will Pocket WinLoG benefit you?

Just imagine going into the field with a mini computer. It's light-weight and fits in your pocket. You start collecting your borehole data and enter it into the Pocket WinLoG program. With a few easy clicks you're finished. No paper, no pens. When you go back to the office, all you have to do is upload the information to your desktop. That's it! Your log is completed. Your finished product is a professional full color report.

We know time is money. We want to help you spend more time pursuing clients, preparing presentations and doing what you do best making money. Don't waste needless amounts of time going back and forth. Consider these benefits:

  • Pocket PC's are compact and easy to carry in the field.
  • Pocket WinLoG is easy to learn and easy to operate.
  • It will reduce the time needed to create borehole logs.
  • The data you've collected will be more complete and accurate.
  • Complete logs within minutes using the macros in Pocket WinLoG.
  • Pocket WinLoG saves data automatically once entered so you never have to worry.
  • You can upload data onto your desktop for further editing/printing of borehole logs.
  • You can email data from remote sites.
  • Pocket WinLoG is a low cost software that produces high quality and quantity of work.
  • Best of all, you won't have to write or type the same information twice
  • Pocket WinLoG runs on a Pocket PC. Pocket PC's have Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel already installed. You can manage your contacts, your calendar and even your inbox. All the information can be shared with your desktop.

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