POLLUTE - finite-layer contaminant migration model - landfill design

POLLUTE Categories: landfills, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone, fractured systems models, solid waste management

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Introduction to POLLUTE
POLLUTE Applications
POLLUTE Standard Features
POLLUTE Professional Features
POLLUTE Graphical User Interface
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Introduction to POLLUTE

POLLUTE can be used for fast, accurate, and comprehensive contaminant migration analysis. This program implements a "1-dimensional" solution to the advection-dispersion equation. Unlike finite-element and finite-difference formulations, POLLUTE does not require a time-marching procedure and thus involves relatively little computational effort while also avoiding the numerical stability problems of alternate approaches. With more then ten years utilization in industry, POLLUTE is a well-tested contaminant migration analysis program which is widely used in landfill design Internationally.

Landfill designs that can be considered range from simple systems on a natural clayey aquitard to composite liners with multiple barriers and multiple aquifers.

In addition to advective-dispersive transport, POLLUTE can consider adsorption, radioactive and biological decay, phase changes, and transport through fractures.

The Graphical User Interface makes the editing, execution, and printing of data easy and flexible. This interface also has options to quickly design landfills with primary composite barriers (e.g., U.S. Subtitle D), or primary and secondary composite barriers (e.g., U.S. Subtitle C).

POLLUTE Applications

  • Model contaminant migration from composite liner (Subtitle 'C' and Subtitle 'D') landfills.
  • Prove equivalency between clay and composite liners.
  • Model contaminant transport from spills, lagoons, and buried waste deposits.
  • Model contaminant transport vertically/horizontally through multiple aquitards and aquifers.

POLLUTE Standard Features

  • Calculate concentrations at any depth and time.
  • Model 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D fractures.
  • Have the source concentration deplete with time or remain constant.
  • Remove leachate using a leachate collection system.
  • Specify the base as a permeable, impermeable, or infinite thickness layer.
  • Model nonconservative species using linear sorption.
  • Simulate radioactive or biological decay.
  • Include a background concentration profile with depth.
  • Include multiple aquifers and leachate collection systems.
  • Represent geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners as layers.
  • Automatically calculate the maximum concentration at any depth and time.
  • Model initial stages of landfill development with the gradual generation of contaminant with time.

POLLUTE Professional Features

POLLUTE professional features include all standard features plus:

  • Vary source and layer properties with time to simulate such effects as the failure of engineered systems.
  • Model nonconservative species using linear, Freundlich nonlinear, or Langmuir nonlinear sorption.
  • Assess uncertainty in parameter values using Monte Carlo simulation.

Model phase changes (water, gas, solid) within any layer to represent unsaturated secondary leachate collection systems, geomembranes volatile organics, etc.

POLLUTE Graphical User Interface

  • Create primary liner, composite liner (e.g., U.S. Subtitle D), or primary and secondary liner landfill models easily with a minimum amount of data entry.
  • Interactively create, edit, display, and print models.
  • Execute models interactively or in batch mode; batch files can contain multiple models.
  • Graphically display and print concentration vs. time or depth and concentrations in color as a function of time and depth.
  • Access on-line context-sensitive Help.
  • Print graphs on the most widely-used printers or store them as PCX image files.
  • Import and convert POLLUTE datafiles into MIGRATE.
  • Display graphs on most popular screen types.


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