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PRINCE Requirements: PC with 640K RAM, math coprocessor, EGA or VGA graphics card and display, and dot matrix or Hewlett-Packard laser printer.


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Introduction to PRINCE

PRINCE is a well-known software package of ten analytical groundwater models originally developed as part of an EPA 208 study. There are seven one-, two- and three-dimensional mass transport models and three two-dimensional flow models in PRINCE. These groundwater models have been rewritten from the original mainframe FORTRAN codes in graphics-rich and PC-friendly C. Two popular analytical models have been added to the original collection, and the ability to import digitized or AutoCAD-produced DXF site map files has been added. The result is a widely acclaimed, user-friendly, menu-driven package with built-in high resolution graphics for X-Y, 2-D contour and 3-D surface plots.

PRINCE Applications

  • SuperFund cost apportionment for multiple PRP's.
  • Long-term health-based risk assessment for downgradient receptors.
  • Pump and treat remediation design.
  • Contaminant plume advancement, biological decay and ultimate attenuation.
  • Evaluation tools for natural bioremediation compliance programs.
  • Verification of 2-D and 3-D numerical flow and mass transport models.

PRINCE Selected Features

  • One-, two- and three-dimensional advective-dispersive mass transport with first-order decay and linear retardation.
  • Two-dimensional strip and Gaussian source mass transport with advection, dispersion first-order decay and linear retardation.
  • Wilson-Miller solution for injection of mass in multiple injection wells.
  • Two-dimensional Anisotropic-Theis solution for multiple injection-extraction wells.
  • Two-dimensional Hantush-Jacob solution for a leaky, anisotropic-confined aquifer with cross-derivative terms.

PRINCE - Princeton 2-D and 3-D analytical groundwater models

PRINCE Categories: flow models - saturated zone, solute transport models - saturated zone

PRINCE Description

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