aquifer analysis 2

KGS Model - Slug test analysis for partially penetrating wells in confined or unconfined aquifers; Hyder, Butler, McElwee, and Liu, 1994 and Butler, 1998

Usually referred to as the KGS Model, this slug test analysis is described in Butler, 1998 and modified from that presented in Hyder, Butler, McElwee & Liu, 1994. The KGS Model supports partially penetrating wells in confined or unconfined aquifers including well skin effects and allows the analysis of monitoring well responses. The following results analyze the data collected in a monitoring well 6.5 meters from the tested well and demonstrates the versatility of this analysis method.

aquifer analysis 1

aquifer analysis - distance drawdown method - New Aquiferwin32 Analyses

Thiem, 1906 (Distance-Drawdown Method) - Distance-Drawdown method with Jacob, 1963 unconfined correction

The aquifer analysis / distance-drawdown analysis forwarded by Thiem, 1906 is used in Aquiferwin32 such that steady-state drawdowns are input at several distances from the pumping well. In this case, the columns in the spreadsheet are distance and drawdown instead of time and drawdown. The implementation also allows for a correction to be made for an unconfined aquifer.

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