RECESS - recession of ground-water discharge and estimating mean ground-water recharge and discharge from streamflow records

RECESS Category: flow models - recession

RECESS Overview

RECESS is a group of six computer programs (RECESS, RORA, PART, TRANS, CURV and STREAM) for describing the Recession of Ground-Water Discharge and for Estimating Mean Ground-Water Recharge and Discharge from Streamflow Records. These programs develop a mathematical expression for recession of ground-water discharge and estimate mean ground-water recharge and discharge. RECESS is intended for the analysis of the daily streamflow record of a basin where one can reasonably assume that all, or nearly all, ground-water discharges to the stream except for that which is lost to riparian evapotranspiration and regulation and diversion of flow can be considered to be negligible. The RECESS programs utilize extended memory.

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