Screen View - Windows interface for the EPA screening model Screen3

Screen View Category: air pollution

Screen View Overview

Screen View is a Windows interface to the U.S. EPA screening model, Screen3. Screen View allows you to obtain ground-level pollutant concentration estimates for a single source. You can use Screen View, for example, to analyze the worst case scenarios for air pollutant concentrations.

Screen View estimates maximum ground-level concentrations and the distance to the maximum. It incorporates the effects of building downwash on the maximum concentrations for both the near wake and far wake regions. Screen View also estimates concentrations due to inversion breakup and shoreline fumigation. It can calculate the maximum concentration at any number of user-specified distances in flat or elevated simple terrain including distances out to 100 km for long-range transport. Screen View can examine a full range of meteorological conditions including all stability classes and wind speeds to find maximum impacts.


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