SEQUENCE - for visualizing and evaluating natural attenuation

SEQUENCE Categories: visualization, natural attenuation


SEQUENCE (U.S. Patent Pending) is a revolutionary new software package that provides an innovative approach for visualizing the effects of natural attenuation based on a modified radial diagram method. Given the simplicity and effectiveness of this visualization approach, SEQUENCE visual aids are ideally suited for preparing presentations of natural attenuation to both technical and nontechnical audiences.

Specifically, SEQUENCE visual aids may be used to simultaneously show spatial and temporal trends for multiple organic pollutants on one site map. For some sites, this one radial diagram map may provide the primary line of evidence necessary to support natural attenuation as a site remedy. In addition, the unique functionality and flexibility of SEQUENCE allows for the preparation of SEQUENCE-Redox Maps which are now being used to identify trends in geochemical indicators (including electron acceptors and metabolic by-products). These trends which are clearly identified from SEQUENCE-Redox Maps provide an important secondary line of evidence supporting the occurrence of natural attenuation in groundwater. SEQUENCE is now part of the Mona ToolKit.


SEQUENCE Detailed Description

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