SESOIL - model for long-term pollutant fate and migration in the unsaturated soil zone - chemical exposure assessments

SESOIL Categories: exposure assessment, flow models - unsaturated zone, hydrogeochemical models, multiphase flow and transport, solute transport models - unsaturated zone, vapor transport

SESOIL Overview

SESOIL is a seasonal compartment model which simulates long-term pollutant fate and migration in the unsaturated soil zone. SESOIL describes the following components of a user-specified soil column which extends from the ground surface to the ground-water table.

  • Hydrologic cycle of the unsaturated soil zone.
  • Pollutant concentrations and masses in water, soil, and air phases.
  • Pollutant migration to ground water.
  • Pollutant volatilization at the ground surface.
  • Pollutant transport in washload due to surface runoff and erosion at the ground surface.

SESOIL estimates all of the above components on a monthly basis for up to 999 years of simulation time. It can be used to estimate the average concentrations in ground water. The soil column may be composed of up to four layers, each layer having different soil properties which affect the pollutant fate. In addition, each soil layer may be subdivided into a maximum of 10 sublayers in order to provide enhanced resolution of pollutant fate and migration in the soil column. The following pollutant fate processes are accounted for: Volatilization, Adsorption, Cation Exchange, Biodegradation, Hydrolysis and Complexation.


SESOIL Overview
SESOIL Detailed Description

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