SOILPARA, soil parameter estimator - determine hydraulic properties of unsaturated and saturated soils

SOILPARA Categories: parameter estimation models - transport parameters, parameter estimation models - unsaturated zone parameters, soil


SOIL PARAmeter Estimator is based on statistical pore/particle size distribution models and can be used to estimate hydraulic parameters in the van Genuchten constitutive model (Brooks-Corey parameters can be estimated from these) for variably-saturated soils. SOILPARA allows estimation of the unsaturated zone parameters (1) from retention data and/or conductivity or diffusivity data (K or D vs. soil water content/pressure) based on the public domain RETC model by M. Th. van Genuchten et al., 1991) with a Windows native preprocessor that is easy to use and offers graphical output and extensive on-screen help; (2) from soil texture (based on the work of Shirazi and Boersma, 1984, and Campbell, 1985) by clicking on a soil texture diagram to return percentage sand, silt and clay within the pre-processor; or (3) by selection of USDA-recommended typical parameter values for various texture classes available in the SOILPARA database.


SOILPARA Detailed Description

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