SoilVision Enterprise Edition

Corporate Data Management

Your corporate data is valuable. Providing efficient access to this valuable data throughout your enterprise is crucial. SoilVision is designed to fulfill your corporate needs. The combination of database and knowledge-based technology make SoilVision the most advanced soil data management software currently available. Call us for an explanation of our pricing structure to evaluate an implementation that is right for you.

Have a Network?

SoilVision is designed for the networked multi-user environment. The software may be installed on the network server to provide a central, efficient and accessible database of valuable soils information. Soils data will be available simultaneously to each employee on the network.

Several Offices?

SoilVision is designed to meet the needs of the large corporation with multiple offices. Data synchronization allows data to be shared between offices with ease.


For large corporations with intensive needs, SoilVision is suited to grow with you. The sophisticated user interface is designed to "hook up" with either Microsoft Access™, SQL Server™, or ORACLE™ database formats. Power up to our data warehouse solutions with ease.

Pricing: SQL Server and ORACLE solutions start at $40,000

New Open Database Architecture

New for version 2.0 of SoilVision is the open database architecture (ODA). The ODA means that your geotechnical data warehouse is stored in a Microsoft Access™, SQL Server™ or ORACLE™ database accessible to your corporation. This design provides your firm with a number of benefits:

  • Corporate data is accessible outside of the SoilVision user interface.
  • Reports or forms may be customized within the company to suit corporate needs.
  • Your company is not "tied in" to the SoilVision database.
  • Data is stored in a standardized format convenient for data warehousing. SoilVision data format is standardized to leading British, Canadian, and American geotechnical data formats. Standardization to leading USDA data formats is implemented.

A Corporate Data Warehouse Solution

SoilVision provides the ideal database solution for your valuable geotechnical and geoenvironmental data. Our high-end packages provide our streamlined user interface coupled with the powerful data management of the SQL Server or Oracle database formats. Multiple users in a corporate environment may be accommodated with ease. SoilVision is the first database application to allow you to move from the laboratory to the finite element/finite difference model with ease!

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