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Everyone performs step drawdown tests but few people know how to analyze the data. Analyzing step drawdown tests requires the use of complex graphical techniques which are not widely taught. StepMaster uses graphical analysis methods to analyze step drawdown tests quickly and reliably. No other program is designed specifically for step drawdown like StepMaster. Analyze step drawdown tests with up to twelve different pumping rates. Analyze step drawdown tests with increasing or decreasing discharge of variable duration with StepMaster. StepMaster estimates aquifer transmissivity, storativity, linear and nonlinear well loss coefficients. Develop equations to estimate well drawdown at any pumping rate. Create tables of Eden-Hazel's H or Birsoy-Summers adjusted time with StepMaster and automatically load them into a spreadsheet.

See Infinite Extent for Complete Pump Test Analysis.

See StepMaster for Aquifer Step Drawdown Test Analysis.


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