SUTRA - 2D ground water saturated-unsaturated transport model - saltwater intrusion - energy transport

SUTRA Categories: flow models - saturated zone, flow models - unsaturated zone, hydrogeochemical models, saltwater intrusion models, solute transport models - saturated zone, solute transport models - unsaturated zone

SUTRA Overview

SUTRA includes SUTRA and a user-friendly interface for SUTRA, integrated within the Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE). When you purchase SUTRA, you receive the Argus ONE GIS Module and Quad Module. SUTRA is a 2D ground water saturated-unsaturated transport model, a complete saltwater intrusion and energy transport model. SUTRA simulates fluid movement and transport of either energy or dissolved substances in a subsurface environment. SUTRA employs a two-dimensional hybrid finite-element and integrated finite-difference method to approximate the governing equations that describe the two interdependent processes that are simulated: (1) fluid density-dependent saturated or unsaturated ground water flow and either (2a) transport of a solute in the ground water, in which the solute may be subject to equilibrium adsorption on the porous matrix and both first-order and zero-order production or decay, or (2b) transport of thermal energy in the ground water and solid matrix of the aquifer.


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