SoilVision Lite is a module of the SoilVision software which will add database functionality and professional quality reporting to your soils laboratory. Automatic classification of your soil, automatic calculation of standard variables, mathematical representation of sieve analysis data and professional laboratory report generation provides your company with the most advanced database system currently available for geotechnical, geoenvironmental, or soil science data.

Finding your data from a project completed 5 years ago will never be a problem again! Our searching allows the user to search for data by project, borehole, sample ID or any other database field. The data is stored in a globally standardized Access database format which is open to the end user. In this way, your valuable laboratory data is always accessible to you well into the future.

Six new professional reports have been added to the grain-size module. These new reports are formatted according to AASHTO, USCS, and USDA standards. We invite you to preview these plots below. If the reports presented below are not for you, let us duplicate your existing reports with our consulting service!


  • New laboratory reports
  • Adherence to ASTM test standards separation of sieve and hydrometer data
  • Ability to fit gap-graded, bimodal soils with equations from Fredlund & Wilson
  • Professional report generation
  • Enhanced plotting
  • Support for English and Metric units
  • Calculation of particle-size probability density functions for unimodal and bimodal soils
  • Automatic calculation of d10, d20, d30, d50, d60 and % Clay, % Silt, % Sand, and % Coarse for both USDA and USCS (ASTM) classification standards
  • Automatic classification by USDA or USCS (ASTM) methods
  • Non-linear regression of unimodal or bimodal equations to represent the grain-size distribution
  • Advanced query interface
  • Advanced plotting


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SoilVision Lite - database software for your sieve and hydrometer analysis data!

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